FLUID DYNAMICS: archimedes principle, buoyancy & hydraulics

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One of the most important areas in physics is the study of fluids and their fundamental principals. Water and air are the two most important elements for life and both are categorized as fluids. Air motion is what determines the temperature in our rooms. Pipelines are providing water to our homes. Industrial and construction machines use hydraulics to easily lift heavy objects. Airplanes and ships change direction by using aerodynamics and hydrodynamics respectively. Have you ever wondered why objects sink in water, while others float? How does blood flow in our body? How do water tanks operate? With this set you can build 6 different models, including a boat and a submarine, as well as various experimental rigs to learn all about fluid dynamics! Printed building instructions for 4 models are included and 2 more models are available online and through the free kidCAD app for smart devices.
Note: The plastic bottles and cups in the pictures are not included.

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STEM45 - Fluid Dynamics (Solutions).pdf
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