SIMPLE MACHINES: mechanisms that multiply force!

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This set is a combination of the basic 5 sets of “Discovering STEM” series and covers all simple machines mechanisms. These mechanisms offer a mechanical advantage and are crucial elements of many machines and devices. They are designed to multiply or reduce force, increase or decrease speed and convert one type of motion to another. Build 60 working models that cover the subjects of levers, the wedge, the wheel and axle, the screw, the inclined plane, the pulley, as well as the more advanced gears and linkages! You can find easy-to-follow building instructions for all models either online or in the booklets included. These comprehensive booklets provide detailed explanations of the different scientific principles applied and incorporate innovative experimental activities for hands-on learning. Quiz sections for each chapter are also available to challenge your newly acquired knowledge!

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STEM01 - Levers & Linkages (Book) v2.pdf
STEM02 - Wheels, Axles & Inclined Planes (Book) v2.pdf
STEM03 - Pulley Drives (Book) v3.pdf
STEM04 - Cams & Cranks (Book) v2.pdf
STEM05 - Gears & Worm Drives (Book) v2.pdf
STEM01 - Levers & Linkages (Solutions).pdf
STEM02 - Wheels, Axles & Inclined Planes (Solutions).pdf
STEM05 - Gears & Worm Drives (Solutions).pdf
STEM03 - Pulley Drives (Solutions).pdf
STEM04 - Cams & Cranks (Solutions).pdf

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